Long Overdue Holiday: Part Deux

So after a full week in LA, I rented a car and headed out onto California Highway 1, a.k.a the Pacific Coast Highway. It is the All-American-Road stretching from the beaches of Los Angeles to the Golden Gate and beyond.

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For the whole length of the drive I took a picture every fifteen minutes(ish). I wanted to put them together kind of like a colour script. The LA early morning light would've become a San Francisco dusk. The more acute among you may have notice the words "wanted to" and "would've". Unfortunately a land slide foiled my attempt about an hour past Hearst Castle...which meant I had to back track and ended up being very late into the Bay Area...although coming in through Oakland I got to see San Francisco and the iconic spire of the Trans-America Tower set against a backdrop of the dusk sky. Next time I'll do the whole road...on a crotch rocket.

Pacific Coast Highlights

San Francisco
After one epic drive from LA to SFO, the first thing I decided to do (after a night out) was make another epic drive! The aim was to get to Bodie, an old mining town in the Sierra's. Accompanied by Mr. Jones, we set off to go and explore this old ghost town. Unfortunately I was again foiled in my plans by mother nature. You just don't expect 8 foot snow drifts by the side of you car in early May...apparently you should.

Not being able to make it to Bodie, we opted to tour around Yosemite instead, taking in all the vast scenery...whilst dragging a steak along behind the car. I wanted to see a bear!

Back in SFO I toured around the sights (interspersed with evening drinks and early morning bacon sarnies), did some sketching...

There is something strange attached to my face in this photo...but not a bear

...and took in the city. Personally I got on with it better than LA...for a start you don't need a car to get around.

Alcatraz was a great day out. I grabbed an early morning ferry and stayed the whole day, wandering around all the different areas of the island. There is a lot more to it than just the prison.
And being in Animation, I couldn't not visit really big household objects world! (Pixar...they have a giant lamp outside...)

American Odessey in a nutshell!

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  1. Looks like you had a blast dude!! You sure had some exciting stories to tell!! :D
    Was great to see you the other week!!
    I was in LA a few weeks ago, but had to come back briefly due to unfortunate circumstances but im heading back there on Friday for just over a month!! Got me some work.... n gonna play a wee bit too! :) Yippie!!
    Hope all is treating you well!!
    See ya soon!
    Keep up the fab work sir!! :D