Sneak peek

Have a cheeky look at some Tales of the Spiffing: Vol.2 bits I've been working on...


If you missed out on the MoBro Morph and happen to be in London...

Why not go support MoBro James and his team, "The Seatbelts" when they hold a Movember Pub quiz/raffle/auction? You may even come away with a Movember Purple and Brown! (As sculpted by Rich Webber...creator of Purple and Brown)

They'll be available as part of (what I'm sure will be) a great night, so if you happen to be in London and looking for a MOnumentous time here are (some) details.



The Dead Squirrels

While I think it's painfully obvious that I'm doing Movember, I am just one of a team known as "The Dead Squirrels". Catch up with the the other AardMo's over on the team blog.



For those not in the know, now is the month when you grow your mo. That's correct ladies and gents...it's Movember. I'm not going to lie. I'd like your sponsorship. And as proof that I am developing my top lip, I'll be posting my ugly mug on here daily so you can follow the growth. My hope is that once you have seen that I am actually growing a mo and not just saying I am, you might be convinced to throw a couple quid to the cause.

Day 8

And here is something like an advent calendar to chart the progress...except with less chocolate and no christmas at the end of it. It lasts 30 days instead of 24 though! Bonus!

And in case you don't feel like giving to me personally, how about you support Aardman? There are 30 of us going through Movember - check out the team and donate (to me or the whole) at our MOVEMBER TEAM PAGE or the AARDMAN TEAM BLOG.

And if none of that takes your fancy, we also made a Morph with a massive Mo, just for the Movember charity. We donated him to them last week and auctioned him on eBay! He fetched £370!!