Life Drawing 10.06.10

Back to figure drawing after a two week break...one week because half term = no session, one week because I was working late.
(4 mins)

(7 mins)

(10 mins)

(10 mins)
(warm up 2-5mins)


Cat's out the bag!

Well JP has put it on his blog so I guess the word is out...we're making a comic anthology. And by we I mean a few guys from work. You can have a few idea sketches from developing ideas...I'm down to two, but which one gets printed is for you to find out!


Also, I was introduced to 'Rat race" (the 1967 version) this evening. We had a pie and board game night at the pub. I wanted the society wedding to move up to the higher class but sadly ended up with a ming vase, mink fur and some other high society status symbol...plus $50,000. Oh well.