...must've been a nightmare.

Anyway, I thought I'd post the two different styles up so people can see the difference. One is the clean vector style and the second is ink on paper with a sepia wash and then a bit of Photoshop manipulation...but not much. If you read the post about 'Tommy' on Tales of the Spiffing (Story extraordinnaire JP Vine has also posted his up...I've seen it and it's amazing!) then you'll know that the two styles represent the 'Real' and the 'Memories'...I hope it's something that works when its read. Anyway, here is a point in the story where the real becomes the memory...something happening at that moment becomes something that happened in the past.



...and here is what'll be appearing next to my name in "Tales of the Spiffing"...Oh the British Tommy.



...of the SPIFFING!

(cover by LUIS COOK)

I kind of hinted at it a while back that some of us here at work had got together to make a book...well it's almost here. Above is the cover by Luis, who is some kind of character phenomenon. I think you'll agree...AMAZING!

Anyways, head over to the blog we've set up for it to see who's involved...it's 19 epic talents and then me lowering the bar...20 of us in total!

So...who wants one?