Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully 2011 will be better than 2010...not that 2010 was bad...I'd hold it up there as a fairly good year (although the summer was not as good as 2009), but it's be nice for each year to get better as life goes on.

Anyways, after I finally got out of Heathrow and made my way home for Christmas the break got better. I needed one. Got a decent haul for Christmas. New headphones; a nice set of silver chopsticks; books etc. and an SRS - Special Red Sketchbook. Actually, it was an early present but I didn't use it until after Christmas. I decided to fill it (or at least the beginning of it) with sketches of Hong Kong. So let's go on a little tour shall we? -

(Dai Pai Dong - Shek O Beach)

Our journey begins at a little Dai Pai Dong in Shek O which is the the very far side of Hong Kong Island...all the roads just end when you get to a little village with a beach and some great food stops. Oh...and also some of the most exclusive estates in the country.

(Bank of China)

From there we go to Central. This is the frontside of the Island. This district (and Wan Chai) form the skyline for your stereotypical HK postcard. Central is where most of the banks are housed including the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (or HSBC as it's colloquially known) and the iconic Bank of China building. However there is more to Central than banks...

(The tea rooms - China Tee Club) 

...such as the tea rooms at the China Tee Club. Located above the Shanghai Tang on Pedder Street this place has served the residents with tea for decades and has the feel of the 1920's when you walk in. And when I say 'resident', the club is locals only, so unless you have a friend who lives in HK who can guest you in, don't bank on getting in...by the way, I'm a local.

(Wan Chai skyline)

After a quick cuppa it's down to the Central Ferry Pier to head back to the peninsula side...

(The Old NAAFI)

...which is a lot greener than everyone expects Hong Kong to be. *Random Fact*; Hong Kong is 80% country park...bet you didn't know that! I live out in the area known as Shek Kong. Pre-1997 this is where the Royal Air Force and the Gurkha regiment were based. After the handover the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army took over the running of the base and air field. They took the NAAFI (Navy, Army, Air Force Institute) and put a red star on it. It no longer sells 'The Beano'.

(RAF Shek Kong)

Once you pass the old NAAFI you have to find a road hidden behind a bus stop, which will take you along a catchment and over a bridge. From the bridge you can look down into the valley where the air strip is.

(Lui Kung Tin) 

If you carry on over the bridge and head into the jungle, after about a quarter mile you'll end up in Lui Kung Tin, the small village where I live!

(The Neigbours)

These are the gates to my neighbours house. Yes, even in winter Hong Kong is lush and green...in fact Christmas day was 20 degrees Centigrade. Just about warm enough...


...for a swim! This is the pool in my back garden.

(Garden Plants)

And also some potted plants...which aren't so lush and green. Someone must've forgotten to water them.

So there you go...a whistle stop tour across the whole of Hong Kong.

My New Years Resolutions are - to blog more regularly; to do more drawings of locations/situations; to learn/use colour!

 Onward to 2011!