And the Winner is...

'Shaun the Sheep' nominated for an Emmy award and a BAFTA!!
The world funnest show to work on! Fingers crossed, eh?


Flick Flip Flick

I got exhibited...whoop!

A few months ago the organisers asked if any of the artists at Aardman would like to have a go at making a flip book so that they could start a campaign to get flipbooks and animation into local schools. Led by our illustrious leader (Mr. Lord) each of us came up with a short 30 frame animation, which was then made up into a book which you can thumb through and it comes to life! They also printed out the frames and exhibited them at the University West England (UWE) as the first part of the project launch about a week ago. The second part of the exhibit takes place in a one years time when the work of the school children will be exhibited. It'll be great to see what they come up with!! From what I hear it's all going quite well and the show is off to Denmark where the Danish hope to do the sam thing in their schools.It was a fun project to work on and I got to break out 'Old Blue Sanford' and do some animating again...it's been a while.

Anyway you can see all the artists flipbooks online here.

School and flip books....kind of goes together, right?...I mean what else are you supposed to do in the corner of your maths book?