Gesture Drawing...

...at work.

A few weeks ago (five to be precise) the great Rej Bourdages and I took it upon ourselves to bring the ancient art of 'Nudie' drawing to the populace of our work place. We came down off the mount and bestowed pencils and paper among those who were willing to give up one lunch time each week searching for the elusive goal of a greater understanding of life...


And lo, they answered. With force, they cried, "Thank you for this pencil and also for this paper. I shall go forth and draw like never before. From this day on I shall..."

and then they didn't turn up the next week. But it's okay because it's a drop in, drop out scheme. The rules are fairly simple. Poses are 60-90 seconds with two or three 5 minuters thrown in at the end for good measure.

Week 1 - (Parker Fountain/FC Polychromos)

Week 2 - (Pitt Pen, Brush nib/FC Polychromos)

Week 3 - (Parker Fountain/FC Polychromos)

Week 4 - (Parker Fountain/FC Polychromos)

Week 5 - (Parker Fountain/Charcoal)

I don't use charcoal that often...reason being that after I use it, I resemble someone whose 'been down pit' all day. The 5 minuter above is actually all three 5 minute poses and you can see shadows of the other under the final image. After each pose, I just erased it with the side of my hand and started the next pose. Easier than turning the page. No reason to be precious with it. It was probably crap...or it could've been a masterpiece. We'll never know! (...and be 'we', I mean you lot, because I know they were all rubbish).