Prairie Life

So in my 'Happy New Year' post, one of my resolutions was to learn/use colour. I suppose this would fall into that bracket. I did a quick block colour thing of the American prairie lands...not a clue where that came from or why. Oh the woes of ones subconsciousness. Maybe, in a past life, I had a little house there...

Then I decided to screw with it in photoshop and ended up with these:

"Little Barn on the Prairie"

"Little Barn on the Prairie...at night"

"Little Barn on the Prairie...under threat of invasion"

"Little Barn on the Prairie...by Saul Bass"
 As a side note...Adobe Kuler is the shit...it is the single most amazing thing I have ever seen for making colourings. That is what I learned.


  1. Invasion i smy favourite too :)

    Also, thanks for introducing me to Kuler! It is truely amazing!