Anyone for Badminton?

Last weekend saw the horse trials take place at Badminton, which is usually a 20 minute drive. During the horses trials this 20 minutes magically extends itself in to 2 hours as (so I'm told) more people show up for this than show up for Glastonbury.

For those not in the know, Badminton is a 3 day eventing competition, where the creme de la creme of the equestrian world turn up...one of whom I learned to ride with and two others who taught me how to ride way back. It's a great 3 days, the highlight being the cross-country around the grounds of Badminton house...and according to these sketches, just about everyone who turns up looks the same. Hat...check. Barbour Jacket (with plaid jacket underneath...and plaid jumper under that...and checked shirt under that)...check. Pink wellies....check!

I also made the discovery that 'drawing horses ain't easy'. I actually made that discovey a while ago, so I'm going to update that phrase to include '...at the best of times, and is downright impossible when thay have a person on their back and are charging around at who-knows-what speed and then jumping over things'

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