One Day...yesterday

Once upon a time there was a boy. A boy with a dream. A dream which came to fruit. A fruit that was eaten by a boy (with a dream...fruit, blah, blah)...and that boy became a man.

That man calls himself "L" (don't get me started on the lack of teaching of proper spelling and grammar in schools nowadays...) but his true name is Laurent "Carbon Footprint" Rossi.

And this was his dream...which came to fruit...and was eaten by him...and he became a man.

Over on L "Carbon Footprint" Rossi's blog you can see the journey he went on, also known as a "making of"...not "making out"...there are many other sites on the internet for that, but Carbon Footprint's is not one of them.

How's that L? Epic enough? Do I win now?

All joking aside, I've known Laurent for a number of years now (we both studied animation under the greatness that is known simply as "PARR") and he's been aching to study at L'Ecole Gobelins for most of that time...and now he has done it, so congrats to him! Go show him some love!


  1. ((((;゜Д゜)))
    What.. the...(!)
    Fruit!? Carbon Footprint!? Lack of spelling and grammar!?? XDD Shlee, a little OTT!!

    But yes, all joking aside :3, thank you kind sir, you are a true gentleman and have indeed won. You have won my gratitude for now.... and maybe some drawings later :P
    (I still have your signed Mousecapade ones! n.n)

  2. You chose to not use paper...it was either that or 'Eco Warrior'!