The Animation Art Auction

So now it's common knowledge that Aardman is having an auction of artwork to help raise funds for The Children's Hospital here in Bristol. And, rather bizarrely, they asked me if I'd like to donate a piece of work (which I did. Three signed original ink and wash panels from my Tales of the Spiffing comic, "Tommy", all framed to look as they appear in the book). I say rather bizarrely because when you look at the line up of other artists involved...well, they're all legends of the animation world. Of course there is Nick Park who has donated an original W&G painting, and then Pete Lord who has drawn a Morph. I suppose it's a given that those two would be involved. It wouldn't Aardman without them. But then the list extends. Ray Harryhausen (LEGEND); Dick Williams (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?); John Lasseter (Head honcho at Pixar); Pete Docter (Pixar's Monsters Inc. and Up!); Steve Box; Art Leonardi; Brian Cosgrove; Terry Brain; Rich Webber; Tomm Moore; Golly...

It's very odd to see my own name on that list...an incredible honour but still very odd.

For anyone who wants to know a bit more about the auction and what's available, here is a link to the CATALOGUE, or you could go to the GRAND APPEAL site.

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  1. Congrats on the auction dude!!
    Hope you make a pretty penny for a much needed cause!!
    Bloody brilliant to see your name among the 'big boys'!!! There's no stopping you dude!!
    Not long till you'll be just as popular as them, Rubbing elbows with the stars, walking red carpets and directing your own feature!! (When that day comes, remember us lil' folk.... and me who introduced you to Craig Lynn, all those years ago!!) hee hee!! :P

    By the way, Any news on my special japan spiffing book??? STILL longingly waiting by the letter box!! :(

    Hope all is good dude?
    Any exciting projects lined up?

    Will you be going to CTNx?
    HOpefully see you soon.

    Hugs and squishy stuff,