How did we do that?

So those lovely people over at Skwigly Online Magazine (an animation orientated news site...bit like the brew) interviewed us a while back about the "Tales of the Spiffing". I just got an email to tell me it's online! So stop reading this and go and read that instead!


  1. hey dude!!!
    Good job on the interview!!
    looks like the book is really getting around.... apart from WHERE IS MIINE!!
    :( Still not got it yet!! this makes me sad!! The anticipation is driving me CWAZY!!
    Good news tho..... in just 24 hours time, i'll be in hospital, backless night shirted up with the sexy flight socks waiting to be wheeled into surgery!!
    The time is here!! FINAL(!) Operation number 6!! Its Jaw replacement time!! Bionic jaw, tor tor!! Next time you see me, we'll go out for STEAK, Boiled sweets, bubble gum, you name it, i'll eat it... and the plate too!!!! Bring it on!!! :P

  2. Your portfolio blog looks GREAT!