Flick Flip Flick

I got exhibited...whoop!

A few months ago the organisers asked if any of the artists at Aardman would like to have a go at making a flip book so that they could start a campaign to get flipbooks and animation into local schools. Led by our illustrious leader (Mr. Lord) each of us came up with a short 30 frame animation, which was then made up into a book which you can thumb through and it comes to life! They also printed out the frames and exhibited them at the University West England (UWE) as the first part of the project launch about a week ago. The second part of the exhibit takes place in a one years time when the work of the school children will be exhibited. It'll be great to see what they come up with!! From what I hear it's all going quite well and the show is off to Denmark where the Danish hope to do the sam thing in their schools.It was a fun project to work on and I got to break out 'Old Blue Sanford' and do some animating again...it's been a while.

Anyway you can see all the artists flipbooks online here.

School and flip books....kind of goes together, right?...I mean what else are you supposed to do in the corner of your maths book?


  1. Wow, nice work! I cannot fathom how so much is conveyed in only 30 frames...very economic frame use, immensely impressive!

  2. Yes! Blue Sandford's still got it! Love the section where he heads the ball - nice n squashy!
    It's funny, if I didn't read the descriptions, I'd say you were the animator out of all the books! Testament to your roots!
    Nice fun project!
    Hope your good,

  3. Cheers guys!

    @Ricky...30 frames, but in flip book so it's only on 4's. Gives you about 5 seconds to play with.

    @Rossi!! Gotta love the Sanford! I'm running out though and prismacolour doesn't quite cut it! A possible replacement though...Faber Castell Polychromos blue. Also, them words be HERESY! Some of those guys animated on the Pearce sisters and one is the head animator on Pirates!...but then again it is stop mo and not drawing...

  4. Hey Mr Shlee!!

    Love it!! Would be really nice to see it fully animated!! Lots of squash and stretch.... It actually reminds me of a couple of kids, playing football at the start of a short student film called "Favelados". Hee hee ;)

    Really anticipating the Pirates!! :D
    Hope your doing well?
    I was working closely with the story department earlier this year, illustrating concept scenes on Tim Burton's new stop motion.
    I love seeing all the concepts and story moments actually built and made into tangible puppets. Its amazing to see it all physically coming to life! :)
    I'd love to work back at Aardman again some day. Was so much fun!! :) :)

    Any Hoos, Hope your ok, n would love to see you some time soon.
    Great big hugs