Oh look...

...it's more figure drawing.


  1. Good effort this week Ash-

    top one has vague silhouette & those elbows could've done with clarification to bring them forward.

    Strong fore-shortening on 2

    Good proportions but looks like she's about to keel over

    4-tiny head!

    5 lazy, cartoonified drawing

    6 -meh!

    7-nice! bold pen marks but anatomy in the back is muddled

    8 v. strong line of action in the spine-good one

    9-a disaster!

    10- including the 2 models gives a good sense of depth

    11-good low angle- can feel a solid pelvis in there- well defined shoulder blades. Hair is well handled.

  2. Dude!
    Lovin the first 2!
    (agree about the elbow on 1 - sweet line on 2 though!)

  3. @Matt - Cheers for the crit! All very true. New batch should be up soon...

    @Rossi - Hey man, haven't heard from you in a while. You working in London now?