So the olympics came and went...

So since the last time I blogged the awesome-ness that is the olympics has come and gone. Now I know some people will think this is sad, but I got my name down as a volunteer for the 2012 games...don't care what I do, as long as its something. Gotta find out which company is going to do the BBCs stings so I can get involved in that...but thats 4 years away.

Anyway, life has just gone on really. Moved out of London, moving to Bristol which is pretty exciting/hectic. The people at the residential letting agencies asked me for an address the other day and that left me stumped...isn't it their job to find me one?...I guess I'm technically addressless for the week.

Work goes on too...boards get done, revised, done again, revised, fixed, worked over and finally (if one is lucky) locked. Its pretty cool here...a very organic process and sometimes the editor will interpret something in a completely different way to the one you intended and it turns out really cool...like seeing the story evolve and ultimately get stronger.

Anyway...I leave you with a picture from the games (I have more but am still working on them...I have soooo many started-but not-completed projects) and one of Dave from this afternoon. Lovely.

Goodnight...I'm going home to play video games.

PS: There are giant sheep in our office

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