Ashley's Aardman Adventure:...finished 2 weeks ago

Dave and Jess at the end of the first week!

Lunch times...that's right...we got a lake!

My little work zone...surprisingly tidy for me.

So 2 weeks ago we all said our good-byes to Aardman...but only for a short time hopefully! It was one of the most awesome experiences and if anyone who I know in the UK animation community is reading this then I would urge them to give some serious thought to dropping everything and applying.

It was definitely worth it and I'm gonna do my best to keep in touch with all my fellow crustees...apparently we have upgraded to crusto-maniacs. I hope they're all having a relaxing time and looking forward to whatever they've got planned next.

As for me I don't really know where I'm off to next. I have no immediate work lined up and have been relaxing for the last 2 weeks...unwinding from the 8 weeks of relentless (the drink, not the work) and getting back into some animating...I finally figured out how to do hand drawn animation in photoshop! and it ain't half bad either if you treat it like paper and don't expect a computer to have anything to do with the outcome. Maybe I'll stick a post up so everyone can learn cos Adobe sure as hell don't cover it with they're tutorials or help files...they seem to think animation is about doing one drawing and then have the computer tween it. Technically it is animation, but where is the fun in having the computer do the work? Granted, Fosters Home is all Flash, but I'm gonna guess that those guys put a serious amount of work into making the computer do stuff right, which is why it looks so good.

and now my laptop battery is dead... I will edit with pictures later

Take care all,

Shlee out

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  1. Hey Ashley,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Great to know you just finished a stint at Aardman... I'm a big fan of their work!

    I'm curious about your Photoshop animation workflow. I'll check back for your post on that topic. I personally use Digicel Flipbook for my 2D roughs, but it's always good to know other ways to do this stuff.